corporate values


Our mission and our passion: Our corporate values ​​are our identity and guidepost. We are guided by them and live these values ourselves. This makes them a strong foundation for our mission & vision.

Our goal is to make the working life a form of self-fulfillment for our empoloyees, to make them see a meaning in their work and identify with our company. This is why we as a company are committed to  our employees and also socially  to our society and the environment. After all, employee satisfaction leads to professional commitment. Who is committed to their work will also achieve a better performance.

We believe in our employees. We know that we can rely on them and thus strengthen their actions, their decision-making competence and give them security. A vision is a powerful draught horse, but it is only scratching with the hooves if the reins are not taken with confidence. When people trust each other, things move faster, agreements are easier to find, and decisions are more targeted.

Who wants to succeed needs, above all, courage. It is human to have doubts and to be courageous does not mean not to be afraid but to overcome these doubts. In order to be successful, our employees are also free to tackle tasks they have doubts about, as long as they believe in what they are doing and stand up for it. This is what our modern culture of mistakes is all about. Because sometimes, successful people need to have the courage to leave their comfort zone in order to find new approaches.

Creativity means dreaming, inventing, breaking rules and setting new ones. In today's competitive environment, it is difficult to maintain success without creativity in the long run. It is importand to stand out, to develop further and to put creative ideas into practice. Creativity does not automatically guarantee success, but it is one of the most important ingredients for being successful. For this reason, we create an ideal environment for our employees so that there are no limits to creative inventiveness.

We live in a dynamic world with rapid technological developments, a fast-paced professional environment and constantly changing markets. This is why it is indispensable to find new paths and solutions, even  more so when facing unforeseeable challenges. We take change as an opportunity. Therefore, we give our employees space for alternative actions and flexibility, also in regards to working hours.

The most important key to success is responsibility; or more precisely: Taking responsibility for decisions and actions, for the team and for the company as a whole, and to always act according to everyone's best interest. We value responsible action and who takes responsibility is also allowed to sometimes make mistakes, as long as they stand by them and are willing to still find a common way to achieve set goals.