19th century city of trade

The city of trade on the River Saale, with its historic city centre and the well-maintained Wilhelminian style buildings is a gem in Saxony-Anhalt's crown. Handel's birth place is home to the famous Burg Giebichenstein college of art and is justifiably a popular destination for city trips and cultural excursions.

In recent years, Halle has shown a constant increase in the number of overnight stays; it is of particular interest that the number of international guests has increased by about 30%.

TRYP by Wyndham Halle
TRYP by Wyndham Halle
Architectural Award winners: business hotel in city center location of Halle -Neustadt
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Radisson Blu Hotel Halle-Merseburg Hotels Ansicht Radisson Blu Hotel Halle-Merseburg Sachsen-Anhalt
Radisson Blu Hotel Halle-Merseburg
Conference Hotel with historic charme
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From the bronze age into the modern era

The Nebra Sky Disc, one of the most significant archaeological finds of the early Bronze Age, is the earliest concrete depiction of the cosmos and is the conclusive

attraction in the State Museum for Ancient History. Anyone daring to take the leap to the modern era can do so by visiting the Moritzburg Art Museum or the Beatles Museum. A varied theatre and stage landscape offers numerous possibilities for exciting evening activities.