Best Western Hotel Peine-Salzgitter Best Western Hotel Peine - Salzgitter
Best Western Hotel Peine-Salzgitter
3-star hotel located between the trade-fair locations Hanover and Brunswick
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Discover nature and history

Situated between the Harz mountain range and the Lüneburg Heath, Peine has a lot to offer to nature lovers in particular. Be it cycling tours alongside the river Fuhse, boat trips across natural wetlands or instructive forest walks - there is something for every interest.

Many historic sites can be discovered in the town centre. From the Gothic parish church "Zu den Heiligen Engeln" (To The Holy Angels) that was built in 1867 to the historic market square and Peine's oldest part, called "Damm" and "Kniepenburg". Until 1852, the Damm was an independent municipality at the city gates.