Historic Hanseatic city on the Baltic Sea

The Hanseatic city of Stralsund, the "gate to the island of Rügen", presents its rich tradition in the historic centre surrounded by water. The collection of hundreds of listed, protected townhouses, with their typical gables, churches, alleyways and squares have gifted the city a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Baltic Sea city is a classical destination for city trips, offers an unbeatable combination of tourist sites, great beaches and a cultural programme.

Wyndham Stralsund HanseDom
Wyndham Stralsund HanseDom
Family and wellness hotel with direct access to the leisure water park HanseDom at the Baltic Sea
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Discover marine environments

The German maritime museum, with its four locations, is one of the most visited museums in Northern Germany and presents the variety of the marine

environment in aquariums and exhibitions. The most beautiful sides of Stralsund can be seen in the course of a harbour boat trip. Back on dry land, any visitor cannot pass up on the culinary delight that is the Bismarck Herring - a specialty dating back to the imperial Era and still produced to the same recipe today.