Hanseatic beauty on the Baltic Sea

At the southern tip of the Baltic Sea lies the Hanseatic city Wismar. Thanks to its port in the sheltered waters of Wismar bay, the city became a key centre of commerce, which is still reflected today in the magnificent Hanseatic buildings in the area.

The historic centre of Wismar and its many cultural treasures was added with Stralsund to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2002. Due to its good transport links, the Hanseatic city is also popular for short escapes and weekend trips.

Wyndham Garden Wismar
Wyndham Garden Wismar
Leisure and family hotel on the Baltic Sea in the UNESCO world heritage city of Wismar
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Swedish festival and Herring Days

Numerous festivals and events fill the cultural calendar of the city on the Baltic Sea. The summer sees the return of the annual Swedish festival, with which the city remembers the 155 years it belonged to Sweden. In March, the Herring Days, in

which numerous restaurants participate, draw visitors to Wismar from far and wide. On the north side of the extensive market square lies the "Alter Schwede" (Old Swede) town house. The building was built in 1380 and today houses a restaurant.