A pearl on the River Wupper

Wuppertal is the largest city in the Bergisches Land region. The city was once the "cradle of industrialisation" and was an important hub of industry for the longest time. Today the city is still an important centre of culture and commerce in the region.

Wuppertal is made specifically attractive by the Wupper, which snakes through the city limits over a length of 20 kilometres and which marks the city with steep cliffs and flat banks. An unmistakable suspended railway crosses the river.

TRYP by Wyndham Wuppertal
TRYP by Wyndham Wuppertal
Business hotel in the economic and cultural metropolis Wuppertal
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City tours at twelve metres up

Visitors to Wuppertal have the best views from twelve metres above the Wupper: a tour with the world-famous suspension railway, whether for the purpose of getting about town or in the context of a tour in the old nostalgic Kaiser wagons, is

very popular among tourists. The numerous stairways are a further feature of the city - including architectural highlights such as the Vogelsauer Treppe or Dicke-Ibach-Treppe. The city's now-famous Pina Bausch dance theatre is a further cultural offering.