It's Summer, Baby...

Tips for inspiring destinations this summer

Summer is just around the corner - both meteorogically and in terms of temperature, Germany is currently enjoying a pleasant pre-taste of summer, ice cream and summer bathing. Whether you’re on the Baltic Coast, in the open countryside or up in the mountains, you can get your money’s worth anywhere you go. Tune into that sunny feeling now and book your summer adventure.

A summer harbour atmosphere, music and a diverse programme - Bremen from 49.00 EUR per night/room

A musical and inspiring experience awaits you this summer in the home city of the legendary Bremen Town Musicians. The charming harbour city spreads its summer flair through more than just its bars, vibrant old-town and the riverside Schlachte Promenade - summery joie de vivre takes on a new dimension thans to the city’s numerous open-air events: A kaleidescopic programme of performing arts, theatre and sporting activities form the focus of the Breminale  at the Weserwiesen from 12th to 17th July 2016. A picnic with an accompaniment of classical music courtesy of the Bremen German Chamber Philharmonic is one offering of the “Summer in Lesmona“ open-air concert from 12th to 17th July 2016.

Cowboys, Indians and co. at the Karl May Festival - Bad Bramstedt from 79.00 EUR per night/room

Every summer, fans of the Karl May festival of the Wild West flock to the little town of Bad Bramstedt. The fictional, historical adventurers of the German writer Karl May, such as Old Shatterhand and Winnetou, are brought to life and cast their spell over visitors who come from far and wide. In summer, the spa, which is famous for its numerous mudbaths, and its green surroundings are the perfect place for a spot of relaxation and wellness.

Enjoy the beach without leaving the city - Frankfurt from 59.00 EUR per night/room

Although the city is not a typical summer holiday destination, Germany’s financial capital - Frankfurt - also has plenty to offer during the warmer seasons. Kick back on a deck-chair on the water’s edge or lie on the sand under the palm trees - beaches and summer bars along the banks of the river wash away the humdrum of everyday life, and help you to enjoy the sunset over the skyline with relaxing music and refreshing drinks. Mainfest, Christopher Street Day, Museumsuferfest (a museum festival on the banks of the river) and many other events guarantee excellent entertainment.

Cultural activities and water gardens - Kassel from 59.00 EUR per night/room

The cultural city of Kassel, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well worth a visit all year round thanks to its architectural highlights, such as Wilhelmshöhe Palace, the famous Hercules statue and water feature, and the documenta-Halle. From May through to October, the illumated water displays in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe lend the city a unique kind of charm: fountains, waterfalls and aquaducts put the refreshing water in the limelight. The largest waterworks in the Berpark, constructed at the behest of Landgrave Charles I of Hesse-Kassel (who reigned from 1670 to 1730) was an exceptional demonstration of architectural and engineering prowess for its time. In terms of significance, it remains a milestone in the history of art and garden architecture. It is quite simply a must-see.

A diverse programme and musical highlights - Leipzig from 34.00 EUR per night/room

Anybody who has ever roamed the streets of Leipzig, admired the historic buildings and explored the old-town will know very well the grandeur of the city. It is a small city and yet is brimming with life. This summer, events in the open air will once more provide entertainment, pleasure and fun: The Leipzig Wine Festival 2016 on the market square in the heart of the city (30.06.2016 - 03.07.2016), Christopher Street Day 2016 (08.07.2016 - 16.07.2016), the Classic Open 2016 (5.08.16 - 14.08.2016) and the Leipzig Water Festival (26.08.16 - 28.08.2016). During summer the Cospudener See is not just attractive for cooling off, but also for its Th!nk? festival (31.07.16).

Hustle and bustle on the Rhine - Cologne and Düsseldorf from 73.00 EUR per night/room

Culture and spectacles from the Rhineland await you in this summer in Cologne and Düsseldorf. From one of the biggest traditional fairs on the Rhine, with the 700th anniversary of the St Sebastianus shooting club and its historical procession, to the hustle and bustle of one of the largest Christopher Street Day parades in Germany on 3rd July 2016, to the open-air Amphi Festival for lovers of gothic, EBM and electrorock music (23.07-16 - 24.07.16) - there quite simply is something for everyone. As part of the Cologne Summer Festival, from 9th July to 14th August, the Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra will once again put on a variety of high-quality stage performances.