Hotel re-thought: Wyndham grand frankfurt

Urban Networking Resort and deluxe cuisine

The age when a hotel was just a hotel is over: the Wyndham Grand Frankfurt takes a more global view. As an Urban Networking Resort, the hotel hopes to remove the barriers between business and leisure time, and to embody an expansion into the urban world. A meeting place for everyone who enjoys travelling, good food and design - no matter whether they are a business traveller, a holidaymaker or a local city resident.


The variety and richness of contrast of the city in the hotel

The urban character of the city is picked up in particular by the spacious proportions of the communal areas, but also by the materials and the design. The restaurant and the bar, as well as the lobby, are accentuated by columns, counters and “furniture islands”. This open atmosphere is a natural environment in which guests and staff can meet and mingle, in the same manner as is possible in the city centre - take a cup of coffee and observe the hustle and bustle all around you.

The hotel thrives on contrast, as does the city itself. Urban materials such as concrete, metal and glass turn the hotel into an extension of the city. Wood, felt and colours emphasise the features, while the mixture of furnishings from industrial designs to plushy furniture and modest elegance creates a creative and modern atmosphere.

Lynx Bar

The centrepiece of the urban space in the middle of the hotel is the Lynx Bar, which is a popular venue for local residents as well as guests of the hotel. The concept of a Networking Urban Resort is mirrored here too - the “Captain’s Table” is often the focal point of an evening, bearing witness to stimulating discussions and many a shared story. Little dishes of mediterranean specialities are placed in the middle of long tables, which every guest can taste at will.

Smaller tables seating two to four people offer a little more privacy, and if you prefer a classic à-la-carte menu, then you’re sure to get your money’s worth too. Our culinary focus is on mediterranean fusion cuisine, with influences from Greece, Italy and Israel. Prices start from 10.00 EUR for a main course of hummus with roasted vegetables and foccaccia.

Photo Gallery

Local interest in the Wyndham Grand Frankfurt

Furthermore, several videos of the hotel have already been published on Youtube - let yourself be inspired and discover more about the concept and ideas behind the Wyndham Grand Frankfurt. A small compilation can be found below.

Have you acquired a taste? Then why not set off on a voyage of discovery and experience the feeling of urbanity and conviviality in the Wyndham Grand Frankfurt, within walking distance of the Museumsufer, the Haus zum Römer and the Paulskirche The most popular shopping streets are also just a short walk away.

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