Interview Bart Beerkens

Our Vice President Commercial Bart Beerkens is an avid runner. Alongside various sporting events, he is planning to take part in the BIG 25 in May 2017. In an interview, he tells us where his passion for running comes from and how he prepares for longer events. 

1. Mr Beerkens, what prompted you to start running? How do you have fun while running?

When I was at a bit difficult stage of my life, I wanted to do something to distract me. The benefit of running is that you can do it any time, anywhere – whether you are at home, on a business trip or on holiday.  

2. How long have you been running for and how often do you go?

I always used to go running now and again, but I started a regular training regime in late summer 2014. To begin with, I only ran for a couple of kilometres at a time. By 2016, though, I passed the 1,600 km mark. These days, I go for a run several times a week to balance out the time I spend at work. 

3. What was your greatest success as a runner and what challenges still await you?

My greatest success was the 2016 Berlin Marathon. My aim was to run the marathon in under 4:00:00. Unfortunately, I missed my goal by 21 minutes. This is my incentive to keep going and to try again at the upcoming Salzburg Marathon in May. I have also registered for the Pitztal Glacier Marathon in July. This will be an all-new experience for me, because it takes place in the mountains. Achieving these goals makes me proud and spurs me on to go even further.

4. What do you believe is important to know about major running events?

There is always an inner struggle – you have to want to do it. A half-marathon is manageable. A full marathon, on the other hand, is something that really takes it out of you. A lot of discipline and training in advance are essential. 

5. How do you prepare for a run?

You should not put off training until it is too late, as this will put too much strain on your body. Going running regularly is extremely important for your body to get used to the regime. It also means that you will be able to enjoy yourself while training. There are many training plans around. After a certain time, the most important thing is to go further than your “comfortable” distance and to keep pushing yourself.

6. What is a good way to wind down after a run?

On my last longer training run, my Runtastic app showed that I had consumed 2700 kcal, which is the equivalent of my daily calorie requirement. This means that taking on new energy is essential. Drinking enough after a run is especially important. 

7. Why are you taking part in the Big 25?

Last year’s BIG 25 was a fantastic experience for me. It is great to run through this part of Berlin with so many other passionate runners. I was extremely satisfied with my time, and this is ultimately what motivated me to take part again in 2017. I am looking forward to it and would definitely recommend others to take part in this great running event!

Mr Beerkens, many thanks for the interview and good luck for all your further sporting challenges!