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Standardised Decision-Making Processes And Strategic Controlling For Management Tasks

One of the focal points of the GCH Hotel Group management strategy is to take over hotels which are in challenging business situations and to put them back on the road to success.

Hotels benefit from pooled management expertise under one roof, such as Commercial, Marketing & Digital, Sales, Revenue & Distribution, Central Reservation Office, Accounting & Controlling, Procurement, Food & Beverage, IT, Human Resources and Maintenance.

Experience, Synergies And High Standards

New hotels, that have decided to become a partner of the GCH Hotel Group, undergo a standardised process which is continuously being optimised by regular quality controlling. The GCH Hotel Group offers the hotels all services from an 

experienced management team: from location analyses, target group definitions, rebranding, new websites, all the way to human resources consultation, IT support and F & B concepts.


1. Phase: Analysis

In the course of a management task, the long term potential and the possibilities of the synergy effects is analysed with the existing portfolio. During this phase, the management team carefully checks the financial, economic and legal situation. Measures can be implemented quickly and seamlessly thanks to regional structures.

2. Phase: Repositioning

The GCH Hotel Group specialises in modernisation practices and optimum re-branding. In stage, 2 the repositioning and re-branding process takes place. In the course of this process, the management team define an individually customised business plan for each hotel. Subsequently the ideal position on the market is defined, the brand is selected and the star classification is determined based on the hotel’s background and the location analysis. As part of the turnaround process, consolidation and stabilisation phases are carried out which support the repositioning process, while also producing cost plans for reducing future non-recoverable costs.

3. Phase: Renewal phase

During the renewal phase, the hotel is integrated into the consortium’s network and into the advanced in-house marketing, digital and IT policies and actions. The policies and actions are tailored to the particular requirements of the hotel: Professional websites, optimised target group texts, fresh design, photos, online marketing, SEO work and external presence. In the shortest time, each hotel undergoes sales measures, consultation, and human resource support, legal consultation, new Food&Beverage concepts. This unique takeover method and integration into the marketing mix are decisive components which make it possible for the hotel to catch up to the market average, to make cost savings, to generate revenue and to become profitable again.

4. Phase Synergy Phase

The turnaround process is achieved with the help of the synergy effects of the company, as well as integration into the marketing mix and the management team’s expertise and market knowledge of the management team. 

5. Phase: Operations

Following the repositioning process, the hotel is integrated into the operative process. The GCH Hotel Group provides the hotels with quarterly forecasts each week in order to analyse the current situation and to make necessary changes for the near future. Regular meetings at the end of the month and budget phases ensure that the long-term development overlaps with specified goals. 

Case Studies