about the luca app

Where possible, the GCH Hotel Group uses the luca app for quick and secure contact tracing in its hotels, restaurants and bars.

Find further information on how the app works, its advantages, data security and links to download the app on this page.

luca wants us to safely experience life together despite the virus. These are the benefits of the app:

  • quick and seamless contact tracing in direct exchange with the health authorities
  • direct notification in case of risk assessment by the health authorities
  • encrypted, secure and responsible data transmission
  • automatically generated and personal contact and visit history

luca at a glance

The app ...

  • generates a constantly changing, anonymous QR code
  • works device-independently (on Android, iOS, as a web app or as an analogue key fob)
  • ensures double encryption of contact data
  • offers highest data protection and security standards
  • sends direct notifications in case of infection
  • records the duration of your stay
  • verifies telephone numbers
  • generates a visit and contact history
  • enables seamless contact tracing and therefore a quick interruption of chains of infection
  • offers automatic check-outs and geofencing (optionally with previous approval)
  • actively relieves the health authorities

luca is a comprehensive system relieving users, operators and health authorities by taking over the duty of documentation for owners of catering establishments and operators of cultural and event venues. By encrypting the data in a decentralised and GDPR-compliant manner, luca ensures that the user retains data sovereignty. Infection clusters and chains can quickly be recognised and broken by multi-dimensional tracing and direct links to the health authorities.

Core functionality

  • After a one-time entry of the user's contact data, luca generates encrypted QR codes that constantly change and are personalised for each user.
  • Event organisers scan the encrypted QR code and additionally encrypt it with their own encryption key. They have no access to the user's personal data.
  • The unreadable and 2-fold encrypted data record is stored on a secure server and will be deleted after 30 days at the latest.

In case of infection

In case of infection, the user will be able to easily share their contact and visit history with the local health authorities. Event organisers and hosts will be contacted by the authorities and asked to share the relevant check-ins in the luca system with them. Only the relevant health authorities will be able to decrypt the QR codes and inform affected contact persons.

A summary of the most important points in German can be found here: luca app information (PDF in German)

Have a look at this short video (in German) to see how it works:

Download the luca app*:


*Please note that the app is currently only available in German app stores.