Modernised and refined

The success story of the Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Hotel, Baden-Baden

How a grand hotel retains its class and style while still benefiting from a well thought-through repositioning and modernisation concept

Founded as a grand hotel during the 19th century, the hotel has all the merits of a first-class establishment. The aim of the renovation was to emphasise these merits and accentuate them to potential guests. The process of planning and implementation lasted a year. The objectives were to achieve the high standard of a four-star superior hotel and to rebrand the hotel as Radisson Blu.
Comprehensive, long-term analyses played a key role; in addition to a repositioning and modernisation concept, a business plan was also drawn up. The hotel was analysed with regard to the desired star rating and branding as well as the location – the result was a very promising project. 

State-of-the-art fire protection and security technology seamlessly integrated into 18th century building elements

These objectives were finally achieved thanks to high level of investment and a great deal of passionate commitment. The atmosphere was kept modern but adapted to the original, classic style and decorated in elegant, natural shades. Contemporary rooms, classic, English-style restaurant and bar, state-of-the-art fire protection and security technology and a spa with an ancient thermal spring – in short, modern elements that complement the zeitgeist and complete the image.

Finally the marketing could begin. All GCH departments were on board and the focus was on developing the hotel successfully in the long term.  Our headquarters was responsible for marketing, digital and IT initiatives. An excellent, SEO-optimised website with a fresh design and target group-specific text ensured the perfect online presence – including, of course, social media and SEM–. 

The sales team devised various sales measures and approached customers on a personal, emotional and direct level that was fitting for both the hotel and the local region of Baden-Baden. They created special offers, worked closely with the Baden-Baden tourist office and made the hotel omnipresent.
The on-site team was also hard at work taking part in advanced training courses, drawing up new menus, finding out about regional wines and discovering the history of the hotel.

It was easy enough to convince former and potential guests as well as Baden-Baden locals of the splendour of the newly renovated hotel, but it was important to make them aware of the rebranding as Radisson Blu Baden-Baden.
This took place in spring at an event to mark the reopening. Everyone was there: Baden-Baden locals were delighted to see the hotel restored to its former glory, people came from far and wide and were impressed with the unique atmosphere, and the management were proud of GCH and the whole team at the Radisson Blu Badischer Hof, Baden-Baden Hotel – it was a real success.

The result – an example of excellent hotel management

The concept and the constant commitment are thriving. We have successfully positioned ourselves at the heart of Baden-Baden and are seeing excellent figures. With plenty of attention to detail, strategic thinking and many years of expertise, we have perfectly adapted this hotel to the spirit of the age and made it attractive to visitors and locals alike. 
2017 was a unique and exciting year for us. The team at the Radisson Blu Baden-Baden and the management team worked perfectly together and made this renovation project a real labour of love. This was of course duly rewarded with the GCH Hotel Group naming the Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Hotel, Baden-Baden Project of the Year 2017! We are sure that 2018 will be just as successful!