CO2-neutral hospitality with the GCH Hotel Group

Green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas for more sustainability

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Since 2013, the hotels in the GCH Hotel Group’s portfolio have been obtaining climate-neutral natural gas, and since 2016 green electricity from meistroENERGIE. In 2020 alone, the group was able to save 11,501.02 tons of CO2 by using climate neutral natural gas and 9,427.98 tons of CO2 by using green electricity, thus making an important contribution to sustainability and environmental protection.

What is meistro?

The meistro ENERGIE GmbH is an independent energy provider helping businesses to minimise their ecological footprint through the use of green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas. In addition, it offers smart solutions for metering systems and energy monitoring. The CO2-neutral natural gas is certified according to VERs (Verified Emission Reductions). Since its founding in 2006, the company based in Ingolstadt has proudly held the TÜV* seal for climate neutrality.
*TÜV is an independent German technical inspection service.

What exactly is the difference between grey, climate-neutral and green electricity?

Grey electricity is the term used to describe the conventional energy sources that are included in the so-called “German Energy Mix”. These can be sourced from fossil fuels, nuclear and coal-fired power plants or renewable sources. In direct comparison, grey electricity is the most economic option for consumers.

Climate-neutral electricity is not 100 % “clean”, however, the resulting CO2 emissions are compensated by supporting and implementing climate protection projects. This solution is particularly interesting for companies, as it is the most balanced option economically and ecologically – both the environment and your wallet benefit from it. This is exactly what meistro’s offer is based on.

In contrast to the other two options, eco-electricity exclusively uses renewable energy sources like sun, wind, water or biogas. No CO2 is produced. meistro’s energy mix also includes the option to purchase 100 % certified green electricity. Although this is the best choice for the environment and the climate, it is also the most expensive option and therefore difficult to implement, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Hence, the happy medium of climate-neutral electricity is the most popular option.

What mission and vision stand behind meistro’s offer and what are the company’s values?

Marcus Hellkötter, Digital Business & PR Expert at meistro, explains: “As an independent provider of climate-neutral electricity and natural gas, meistro has supported companies in the long-term improvement of their climate balance and energy efficiency since its founding in 2006 – from the very beginning out of strong conviction. In addition, meistro accompanies them on their path towards energy self-sufficiency, which is becoming increasingly important. meistro offers its customers exclusively climate-neutral energy (electricity and natural gas) and green electricity, both of which are certified by TÜV Nord, a branch of the German technical inspection service. On top of that, our clients receive a certificate for the tons of CO2 saved with meistro Energy.”

What specific projects does meistro support and how?

Among others, the projects supported by meistro include the construction of wind and hydroelectric power plants in India as well as sustainable land use concepts all over Europe. When a company obtains climate-neutral natural gas or climate-neutral electricity from meistro, the energy provider purchases the CO2 certificates required for the individual projects. On top of that, the meistro Foundation has been supporting social projects like the food bank and welfare organisations for children, youth and the elderly in promoting the conservation of nature and the environment since 2016. 

What does the meistro energy mix for GCH include?
The GCH Hotel Group and its hotels obtain a mix of 100 % green electricity and climate-neutral natural gas. Since the beginning of the cooperation with meistro, several thousand tons of CO2 have been saved and multiple projects have been supported thanks to this decision. 

On what grounds did the GCH Hotel Group decide to go with meistro in particular?

Nowadays, a green strategy is indispensable. In addition to all the small individual measures of its hotels, the GCH Hotel Group wanted to make a larger positive impact on the environment and found the perfect partner in meistro, whose values and vision ideally compliment the GCH’s vision and goals. We believe that by making sustainability in hotels more accessible and tangible to our guests, we can contribute to rising environmental awareness that will be taken home – not only by our hotel guests, but also by our staff.

The GCH Hotel Group is proud on the dedication and participation of its hotels in this and other climate and environmental protection measures and looks forward to many more years of productive cooperation with the meistro ENERGIE GmbH!

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Editor: Bea Lehofer