10 Rules of running

The days are getting longer again, and the sunshine is drawing more and more people outdoors. That said, it is not easy to restart your training regime after taking a break over the winter. If you are looking to start running again now that spring is here – or if you are a newcomer to the sport – be sure to read our 10 top tips for runners

TIP 1: Do not rush into your running programme

Many beginners make the mistake of starting too quickly and overexerting themselves in the early stages. Aside from being demotivating, it places far too much strain on the body. This is why experts recommend switching between running and walking when starting out. Newcomers to the sport should run for a minute and follow this up with two minutes of walking. You can then extend these intervals as required.

TIP 2: Go to your doctor for a health check

For absolute beginners, it is worth booking yourself a health check before starting your regime to make sure that running does not have any adverse effects on your body. 

TIP 3: The right running gear 

As well as receiving advice from your doctor, go to a specialist store for further recommendations. You do not have to buy the most expensive gear. However, the right shoes and functional clothing are important – and it means you have no excuse if the weather is poor.

TIP 4: Find a tempo that suits you

It is always tempting to compare yourself with a well-built runner who whizzes past you in a blur. Do not let this demotivate you. Similarly, do not start to increase your speed to a level that your body is unable to maintain. Can you still talk while jogging? If so, you’re going at exactly the right speed. 


TIP 5: Set yourself goals

Everybody has a bad day. It is easy to find excuses. If you set specific goals and fixed dates, it is easier to measure your success and overcome your lack of willpower. For example, you could register for the next city run – such as the Great 10K Berlin – or, if you feel like setting your sights a little higher, the BIG 25 Berlin. 


​TIP 6: Give your body enough time to recover

Taking a break is part of any good training regime. It makes little sense to go flat out every day, as this will overexert your body and can actually negatively affect your performance or cause you to stagnate. Take a couple of hours to relax and unwind – selected hotels belonging to the GCH Hotel Group offer modern spa facilities that are perfect for helping your body to recover. 

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TIP 7: Switch up your route

Running along the same stretch of ground every time can quickly become boring. Switch up your routes and try out new circuits. As well as giving you the chance to get to know new areas, you will be less aware of how long you have been running for – you may end up going further than you thought. On your next trip, be inspired by the recommended jogging routes around our hotel - such as the several jogging routes in the Jungfernheide park in the vicinity of our Holiday Inn City West.


TIP 8: Hydration and the proper nutrition are essential

We know that it is not always easy to "think" healthy. But what we eat, also defines how we feel - with the proper nutrition we keep our body and mind fit and prepare ourselves for the next run. After running it is extremely important to take on enough fluid, the loss of fluid can be offset effectively by drinking mineral water. 


TIP 9: A combination of endurance and strength training

Additional strength training is important for both beginners and advanced joggers, as it prevents muscle shortening and/or muscular atrophy that may be triggered by unbalanced training. The modern fitness facilities provided by the hotels in the GCH Hotel Group are perfect for this. 


TIP 10: And last but not least: Don’t forget to have fun!

If you don’t enjoy yourself while running, you will not keep it up for long. Whether you run alone or in a group – find something to motivate you. Why not go on a short sports-based holiday in one of our TOP 5 sports hotels