Our company, our way and our future

Who are we?  GCH – with more than 120 hotels in Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Austria and the Netherlands, over 17,500 rooms and more than 3 million guests, we are one of the leading hotel management companies in Europe. What do we do? Host – we are welcoming hosts, with heart and soul. Thanks to the support of a centralised, highly professional management team, our hotels can focus entirely on this role. How do we do this? Create – we live our company values: trust, engagement, courage, creativity, responsibility and flexibility. This enables us to create value not only for our guests but also for our employees. Why do we do all of this? Grow – we want to grow together with, but also for our employees and hotels. We have a clear vision. Together, we want to become the leading and highest-valued hotel management company in Europe. Hence our motto: Let’s Grow, Create, Host – Let’s GCH!

Reliable Partners For Successful Investments

In the course of the past 10 years, the GCH Hotel Group has made a name for itself as a reliable partner in the hotel industry. The GCH Hotel Group management have been awarded an AA rating by TREUGAST Investment Ranking for their activities. Experience, strategies, qualified staff and strategic allies are the foundations the company continues to build upon. The consortium's aim is to extend the portfolio of hotels and to continue to grow in Germany and beyond.