Hybrid and digital Events

Hybrid events combine digital services with on-site activities. Possible formats include digital meetings and conferences, product presentations, interviews, keynotes, CEO speeches and podcasts.

It depends on the event's complexity whether a simple video conferencing tool will suffice or if a virtual conference platform with interactive breakout sessions and gamification options might be the better choice. To find the right format, it is recommended to collaborate with an experienced digital event organiser.

Thanks to years of experience with conferences and other events, the GCH Hotel Group is optimally prepared for all eventualities and is therefore the perfect partner for the planning and implementation of your digital or hybrid event.

Not only do we provide conference and banquet rooms of different sizes, but also day rooms, if required, and we take care of the catering.  We also rent out additional rooms for make-up, backstage and meetings.


For bookings and questions, please contact us at meetingdesk@gchhotelgroup.com.

We naturally make the safety and well-being of our guests and employees our utmost priority. For this reason, we have implemented and adhere to the highest standards of social distancing, safety, hygiene and disinfection.

Our hotels are conveniently situated and offer ample parking spaces.

In order to offer you the best service possible, the GCH Hotel Group cooperates with local technology service providers in Germany and Austria. By doing so, we cover all areas from simple online meetings to large digital conferences.

Flexibility is of utmost importance in order to be able to react appropriately to changes in regional requirements on short notice. The possible number of participants may vary greatly from state to state.

Of course, maximum flexibility also applies to cancellations and rescheduling.

  • stable and fast Wi-Fi and LAN connections
  • microphones and speaker systems
  • web cams
  • screens with corresponding connectivity
  • LED walls, displays and variable 3D design elements
  • film cameras and 360-degree camera setup
  • projectors and screens
  • studio lighting
  • professional graphics, video and sound direction (including in-ear monitoring)
  • interaction via chatrooms
  • GDPR-compliant data exchange, encrypted networks
  • technical support


For bookings and questions, please contact us at meetingdesk@gchhotelgroup.com.


Safety and hygiene

  • Rules for social distancing in all public areas and meeting rooms
  • Mandatory use of masks in all public areas of the hotel
  • Disinfection dispensers at all relevant points, e.g. at all entrances and exits, next to lifts, at the front desk, in the restaurant
  • Regular and intensified cleaning measures, especially in sensitive areas


Distance and number of people

  • Measurements have been taken in all of our hotels in order to determine the maximum number of people allowed in each room, depending on the seating arrangement.
  • Of course, the usual safety-distance rules apply.
  • Only one person is seated per table.
  • For meeting rooms with several entrances and exits, these are clearly defined.
  • Strict walking directions in the hallways can be defined upon request.



  • Adapted menu suggestions that facilitate compliance with hygiene rules
  • Plated dishes instead of buffets
  • Individually packaged food and beverages
  • Priority on cooked instead of raw food

Digital events moved into stronger focus during the Corona pandemic. But even afterwards, more and more companies are likely to switch to digital or hybrid concepts because of their many advantages:


Efficiency and sustainability

An unlimited number of employees and clients can network in a quick and straightfoward manner. Long journeys, overnight stays and board expenses are a thing of the past. Not only does this save expenses but also time and stress. It also increases your reach enormously. In addition, CO2 emissions are reduced to protect the climate.


Increased employee satisfaction

Companies that present themselves as being perfectly digitalised are perceived as modern and forward-thinking. Not only does such image increase employee satisfacion, but it also helps with the acquisition of new talents.


Creative food for thought

The new way of collaborating and generating ideas stimulates new and creative impulses.



Digital distribution

Presentation and speeches can be recorded and then liked, forwarded and downloaded as needed. This enables employees and clients to read, watch or listen to all important information, even if they were unable to attend the live event.



Recognition value

All digital presentations and supporting materials are designed according to your own brand guidelines in order to guarantee maximum customisation and recognition value.



Analysis and optimisation

Last but not least, online events can be much better analysed than analogue ones. Lead generation and follow-ups are enormously simplified, allowing continuous optimisation.


For bookings and questions, please contact us at meetingdesk@gchhotelgroup.com.