GCH Hotel Group’s AAA rating renewed by TREUGAST Investment Ranking

Berlin, October 2017. The GCH Hotel Group once again received an AAA rating from TREUGAST Investment Ranking for 2017. ‘This means GCH remains – together with two other competitors – at the front of the pack, as it has since 2014,’ says Bart Beerkens, Vice President Commercial GCH Hotel Group. ‘As the third triple-A in a row, this is a confirmation of our solid operative performance and continuity, and that we can stay on the right track without changing our business strategy. We will continue to systematically follow the same path and work on solidifying and expanding our leading position in the industry.’ In recent years, GCH has focused on securing investment in the hotels, expanding the hotel portfolio, generating new ideas and making general optimisations. In addition to a series of extensive renovations, internal restructuring was carried out, services optimised and expanded, new technologies introduced and investment made into training staff.

About the TREUGAST Investment Ranking

The TREUGAST Investment Ranking is conducted annually by the TREUGAST Solutions Group (www.treugast.com) using a dynamically developed detailed procedure based on a catalogue of nearly 130 criteria in seven blocks and 40 criteria groups. These include financial key performance indicators, strategic factors and a portfolio analysis, as well as questions about staff development and online marketing. Based on this research, the companies are then ranked according to a nine-level rating table ranging from AAA (secure ROCE at a high level) to C (completely insecure). The Investment Rating is published by the TREUGAST International Institute of Applied Sciences.