The GCH Hotel Group is committed to providing its staff with a high-quality, tailored training offer. This offer includes, in addition to training sessions with our training manager Maja Krüger, sessions by external coaches who share their experience and expertise with us. In so doing, GCH Hotel Group develops and offers support to motivated, capable employees, laying the foundation stone of its success: its staff. 

Turn your talent into success

Each year, GCH Hotel Group offers high-achieving staff the opportunity to take part in the Leadership Programme. Applications can be made by all staff with personnel responsibility who are ready to take the next step in their career. Participants on the programme cover topics including management methods, presentation techniques and project management. The Academy, which lasts one year, prepares participants for future leadership positions within the company. 

Selected training courses from our training calendar

All year long, GCH Hotel Group offers a selection of training courses to staff. From training on management skills to sales & marketing and PC training, our training calendar offers staff a suite of exciting training opportunities that they can select from according to their needs. 

Selected training series

To give our managers the perfect springboard for meeting today’s challenges, GCH Hotel Group has developed two training series, which coach participants on topics including management techniques, target setting and time management. Training sessions are led by external experts with many years of experience. 

Special programme for Sales and Revenue area

Our ‘Commercial Campus’ programme trains new junior-level staff to take on a revenue/yield manager or sales manager role within just one year. Participants complete placements in relevant departments at the company, such as Marketing, Sales and Revenue Management, and the departments they work closely or share responsibilities with, gaining basic knowledge of that field and its tools and how to put them into practice. During the programme, participants not only gain excellent knowledge that will prepare them for their future role, but build a wide network of contacts within the company. 

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